HARVEST THE POWER of your Veemo to generate $BYTEZ token by playing our INTERNAL STAKING GAME

Owning a Veemo unlocks access to our staking game where you can
constantly make upgrades to Veemo and increase your $BYTEZ token yield.

EARN enough $BYTEZ to integrate Veemo into the mainframe & let the fun begin!

OKAY, so you've staked your Veemo & have earned yourself some walking around $BYTEZ ... NOW WHAT?

$BYTEZ can be used in our STORE to redeem:

• Hardware upgrades for
  Veemo to increase $BYTEZ
  accumulation & fast track
  to the MAINFRAME.

• Raffle tickets for
  giveaways of NFTs,
  WL spots, custom
  twitter banners, & more.

• Purchase WL tokens for
  the latest upcoming drops
• Participate in auctions
• Purchase Merch & more!


phase 0

● Team formation
● Veemo Design
● Tokenomics & staking game development
● ChainRailz business development
● Marketing Team activation

phase 1

● Staking Game completion
● Create Veemo pfp collection
● Launch official Discord, Twitter and website
● Introduction to the ChainRailz team
● Create roles within the community

phase 2

● Launch collection of Veemos
● Holder verification setup for exclusive chats and benefits.
● Launch of the Veemo DAO Discord channel.
● Listing on secondary markets
● Release attribute rarities

phase 3

● Launch staking website
● Video walkthrough of Veemo staking game
● Introduction of the $BYTEZ token.
● First $BYTEZ token utility released
● Official tokenomics released.
● Stake your Veemo to start earning $BYTEZ
● Release p2p token swapping tool

phase 4

● Introduce the world's first Super Compute NFT integration
● Release official merch store
● Plan first IRL meetup
● Second $BYTEZ token utility release



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Myron is a seasoned technologist with global sales and executive management experience. Beginning his career at Lucent Technologies in 1998 as a Global Account Manager, he was instrumental in the expansion & growth of the company’s markets. When Lucent Technologies spun off Avaya Networks, Myron led thecustomer-facing team instrumental in building the company’s brand and culture.


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Jeremy is an award-winning engineer of Network and Security Infrastructure. He has industry leading roles in the architectural and design of complex and high-performance network infrastructures. As a 25+ year veteran in the industry and noted “out-of-the-box” thinker, hisawards include:
• Innovation Award,
• Worldwide Systems Engineering, Service and Support Award, and
• Consultant of the Year


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Steven is a 29 year veteran specialist in Data Center, Infrastructure, Networking, Systems, Cybersecurity, and Regulatory Compliance forFortune 500 companies and government agencies. Mr. Holmes brings broad experience to build the ChainRailz infrastructure and assist our clients to identify risks, plan, provide transparency, cost savings and obtain operational efficiencies.


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Al Rosario has served the world as a transformational entrepreneur his entire life. Although Al never attended college, after 2 years of service in the army, he expanded on his nose-to-the-stonework ethic and natural gift of sales by self-educating with immersion into entrepreneurship. In 2017 Al founded the rGivingTreeFoundation, a non-profit 501(c)3, to take on the growing financial needs that families battling cancer face every day. As Founder of the technology company ChainRailz, Al is bringing the power of supercomputers to underserved communities, research labs, institutions and businesses to help solve the world’s unsolvable problems.


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Since earning his MA in Conducting, Tim Ellis has been branding and producing meaningful content for over 30 years. He was the founding partner of Rivet Design and Production serving clients over the years that included the FOX networks, ABC, NBC, PBS, MGM, and National Geographic. Ellis’ advertising clients have included Saatchi & Saatchi, Y&R, Deutsche, FCB and Chiat/Day. Additionally, he has created, produced or managed live experiences for venues from clubs to arenas to stadiums. He is also the founder of MetaJAX, a Web 3.0 collective of A-List jazz artists and musicians. Since March 2020, MetaJAX has produced live jazz broadcasts to the metaverse every Thursday night from Campus JAX in Newport Beach, CA where he is also an owner


When is the mint?


What will be the supply?


How much will a Veemo cost to mint?


What secondary market will Veemos be listed on?


How can i stake my Veemo?

A link will be provided on the site and in the Discord to the staking platform right after the mint is finished.